No More Long Shots Only Winners! Esports Betting Guide

I’ve been taking risks with this and trying to find games that are not only interesting but would pay out well. Yeah I could just tell you to put the kids college fund on Cloud 9 -500 but where is the fun in that!? You don’t need me to tell you that line! I am sick of the losers though. Through 3 weeks I am 4-5 on this guide and the chirping stops now. You want winners? You want some obvious winners? Fine, here you go!

TSM VS. Cloud 9 -225

C9 have been the best team in the league and it isn’t close. They’ve been making good teams look like Plat players every week. I hate odds like this but I’m going 3-0 this week so you’re fucking welcome.

100 Thieves VS. Dignitas -155

Dig is good. 100T is middle of the road. Dignitas had a rough Week 3 so I’m expecting big things this week.

Evil Geniuses VS. Immortals +120

Immortals keep improving and keep making me lose money when I bet against them. I’m done losing. Immortals WILL keep it up and they WILL beat EG and we WILL win money!

*Lines found on Bovada*

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