If That Weasel Joe Giglio Is On WIP In 2 Years I Will Donate $5k To The Charity Of His Choice




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I posted this on Twitter last night, but due to the fact I have less than 60 followers you probably didn’t see it. Listen follow me on Twitter @BrandedKyle. You know how embarrassing it is to be the least followed blogger at Branded? It’s like being an unfunny leper. Here’s a compromise, go read the last 10 tweets I’ve sent out. If you laugh at 3 of them you have to follow me because technically I’m batting .300. And technically that means I’m a Hall of Fame tweeter. Chances are you follow that guy who tweets 500x any inner thought he has. Unfollow him and let me be your rebound. 

Back to the point of this blog. Joe Giglio is a weasel. He’s the worst host on sports radio right now. He just looks like a penis who got sent to the military because his single mother gave up. He looks like a hedgehog with lupus.



He graduated from the Angelo Cataldi School of Broadcasting. He’s your prototypical sports radio host where he drums up hot takes to outrage listeners and gets them to call in to fill his 4 hour shows. It’s been the playbook for years. I don’t hate him because of his takes. I hate him because he doesn’t honestly believe in any of the takes he has. When you become a slave to the your own takes, you become a puppet. The guy has a podcast called “The Art of the Take”. How pompous do you need to be to dedicate a whole podcast to your takes? That’s like begging people to follow you on the Internet to increase your self esteem.

This is the call that got me so riled up that sent me over the edge.


It was the most asinine call ever. Mike made 0 relevant points. He begged to go back to ‘The Process’ era. He wanted to trade two All-Stars for a couple of ball racks and some cash considerations. He’s probably the same guy who believes if someone doesn’t give 100% in an early June baseball game they are soft and should be run out of the city. And then Joe agreed with him just to continue the contrarian. Listen, I wasn’t happy about the Sixers performance the last couple of months either, and Joel Embiid shushing the crowd after we worshipped him even though he played 0 games in 2 seasons didn’t sit right. Mix in that the Sixers rewarded him with a $148 million extension after only playing 35 games is one more reason. We’re the same level of soft for bitching about this as we claimed he was. There was no winner in this situation, but there’s no reason to try and run him out of town.

We deserve better than sports radio. A constant outrage machine that only focuses on uneducated callers with equally uneducated opinions on Philly sports.

So, if  any reader who wants to read something meaningful and well thought out. And doesn’t have to worry about sports radio hosts. All up on your radio shouting. All up in the studio giving hot takes they don’t believe in. Come read Branded Sports!

P.S. This isn’t easy for me because I love charity, but I hate Joe and don’t want him on the air for 2 more weeks let alone 2 more years.

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