The Stripper Who Fell From A 15 Foot Pole And Broke Her Jaw Has Raised $40K On GoFundMe

The minute this video hit the internet it was a classic. Stripper falling from a 15 ft pole, taking a breath and then getting back to making that ass clap? You can’t script this stuff.

After creating at least a zillion memes about her, Twitter crusaders came to police us with the “making fun of a traumatic injury” replies.

Turns out this was a pretty traumatic injury. The stripper, who has a name you know, broke her jaw, sprained her ankle and broke a few teeth. If you think the people came together to help Target Tori a few weeks ago, you had to know this stripper was about to get paid. I mean, it’s literally her job to convince men to give her money. This GoFundMe page with a $20K goal was light work–she’s currently at $37K.

Her spirits have to be pretty high after this. The only injury that affects her work is the sprained ankle. Cannot be walking around in those lucite heels with weak ankles. People are up in arms because the strip club is refusing to pay any medical bills. I’m all for justice in the workplace but why the fuck should this club be responsible for this stripper thinking she could do the 15 ft split drop? That’s on her. You want to risk it all for the big bucks at this carnival strip club? You might end up needing your jaw wired shut on unpaid leave for 6-8 weeks. There are tradeoffs for everything in life.

Looks like things are on the up and up for her. I don’t know what the medical bills are for a broken jaw but I think $20K seems pretty steep. I gotta work on being a little more careful near sidewalks now knowing how much jaw surgery costs. Truthfully I’ve always kind of wanted to have my jaw wired shut for a few months so I’d get really skinny but I’d have to start saving up now.

How has Cardi B not got ahold of this yet? She’s supposed to be the pioneer of the stripper industry. You want universal healthcare to cover all stripper injuries? Pretty sure you just put Cardi B in charge and it’ll get done.


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