THE Ohio State Penitentiary

Makes sense why Brutus has prison stripes as a uniform.

If this was Urban Meyer, 3 game suspension and swept under the rug. But I guess Ohio State has finally become a responsible program and kicks their bad eggs off the team. Everyone can change, even the Buckeyes.

Details of the incident were recently released. I’ll give a warning, they are a little disturbing.

According to an affidavit filed by Columbus police detective Joshua Martin, the incident took place around 9:45 p.m. on Feb. 4 at an address roughly nine miles from Ohio State’s campus.

According to the complaint, Riep was with a woman with whom he began to engage in consensual sex. But after an undisclosed amount of time, described in the affidavit as “brief,” the women stated she did not want to continue.

At some point, the complaint says, Wint entered the room and Riep asked the woman if his teammate could join the two.

The criminal complaint alleges Riep grabbed the woman by the neck, forcing her to her hands and knees before raping her. As Riep pinned the woman in place, Wint forced oral sex upon her. The woman was able to temporarily fend off Wint, but he was able to force himself onto her again.

The affidavit continues, that “after several minutes both parties stopped,” but Riep then demanded that the woman make a video recording saying that the encounter was consensual. He then drove her home.

Hope they have a football team in jail, that’s the only team they’ll be playing on for a long time.

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