Start Your Day With Mt. Everest Crevasse Ladder Crossing



Sorry to start your day off with a bout of anxiety and sweaty palms, but crevasse climbing is AWESOME! I didn’t really know anything about climbing Mt. Everest, but when I met Gary who co-hosts “The WooderBoys” with me, he told me all about it. It takes 2 months to climb Everest and you have to fly in to what’s called “Base Camp” and it is one of the most dangerous airport landings in the world. But that doesn’t hold a candle to the crevasse climbing. Crevasse’s are basically shelves of ice that people step on and fall through to their death 100s of feet down. Or you can cross them on makeshift ladders held by nothing but string.

My keyboard looks like I spilled water on it my hands are so clammy from watching these videos.



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