I Would Outsell This 98 Year Old Girl Scout So Fast It Would Make Her Go Into Cardiac Arrest


Source – At 98 years young, a Berks County woman continues a mission she started when she was just 10 years old. Ronnie Backenstoe is still selling Girl Scout Cookies. She’s even part of a troop. “I became a Girl Scout in 1932!” Ronnie told WMFZ-TV. “I said ‘when can I be a Girl Scout?’ My mom said ‘when you’re 10.’ So when I was 10, I was ready to go!”
Her fellow scouts joined her for a cookie sale at Phoebe Berks, a retirement community in Wernersville. Troop Leader Barbara Allen Perelli says Ronnie’s energy is non-stop, and her young fellow scouts say she makes them laugh. Ronnie says the Girl Scouts have taught her so much. “I think that it was just part of living. That’s really what girl scouting is, it teaches you how to live,” Ronnie said. Ronnie said when she first sold cookies in the 1930s there were only three different kinds and they only cost 15 cents.

Her favorite Girl Scout Cookie is peanut butter.



Listen I’m happy Ronnie Backenstoe has been able to live out her dream for 88 years, but some of us aren’t here to rest on our laurels. When we achieve our dreams at the age of 10 most of us are looking to see what more we can achieve. We’re here to chew bubble gum and sell Thin Mints. And I’m all out of Thin Mints because I just guilted some poor guy to buy 10 boxes because my parents are getting a “divorce”. There are no rules in the cookie game. Ronnie might’ve made it through the Great Depression eating Caramel Delites and Do-si-dos, but that’s nothing compared to the depression kids feel from social media. You think Ronnie here ever has experienced getting 100 likes on a photo when it was easily worth 200? These little girls are running circles around her developing social media marketing plans and crushing SEO so their link is the first one that comes up on Google.

“She just makes me laugh when I’m with her,” said Senior Girl Scout Amber Holl.

Hey Ronnie, you know why Amber is laughing at you? Because she doesn’t see you as a threat. She knows you’re useless outside of the nursing home. You can’t go in front of the Wal-Mart and use your charm on the soccer moms like she can. You can’t work a Snapchat “Cat” filter letting people know you’ll be at the local VFW from 4-7 with a #Troop412 Forever” tag. You’re still trying to learn the new cookie flavors since they’ve quadrupled from when you’ve started.

And her favorite Girl Scout cookie is Peanut Butter? Way to go out on a limb Ronnie and really shed that old bag moniker your competition already placed on you. Who are Ronnie’s PR people? They couldn’t have told her “say Samoas” before she got on camera and looked like she was 100 instead of 98.

Ronnie is like Roy Hibbert. She came into the league with a ton of skills and was carving out a legacy towards the Hall of Fame. Then the game innovated and those who didn’t adapt or didn’t translate to the new style of play. were forced into retirement and a constant state of “What if?”

Girl Scout Cookie Rankings:

  1. Thin Mints
  2. S’mores
  3. Samoas
  4. Thanks-A-Lot
  5. Caramel Chocolate Chip
  6. Tagalongs/Do-si-dos
  7. Shortbread
  8. Lemonades/Lemon Ups
  9. Toffee-tastic


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