After Losing 4 of 5 on the Road, Is It Time to Start Asking if Jimmy and Bam are a Bad Fit for the Heat?

After recent struggles that have resulted in the Heat losing 4 of 5 on the road, Miami has begun to slide down the tough Eastern Conference standings. With road woes all season long leading in the All Star Break, reality is setting in. Miami is on the verge of not even getting home court advantage in the first round. It’s becoming increasing  clear the pairing of Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo can’t truly compete for a title like many once originally believed. The question needs to be asked: is the pair of Jimmy and Bam such a bad fit that it needs to be broken up?

Miami’s issues start and end on the offensive side of the ball. With Jimmy Butler’s lack of outside shooting, it really clogs the paint up for Bam Adebayo, making it very hard for him to operate effectively.

Bam often times is roaming around the perimeter instead of the paint. It’s frustrating for fans to see such a dominating inside presence turning himself into a wing player. But, with Jimmy Butler’s 3P% coming in at 24%, Bam sometimes has no choice.

As for Jimmy Butler, he is such an effective driver and scorer in the paint. But, his game is hindered by the Heat frontcourt and his inability to hit outside jumpers.  Would he be better off in a system without Bam where he was surrounded by shooters so he could push the ball?

On top of offensive efficiency, let’s look at the off the court “stuff”. Many are questioning whether Jimmy Butler really wants this. Did he come to Miami to win, or is this just a vacation for him? This guy is Hollywood. He cares about himself, he doesn’t care about getting better.

Hopefully Miami can turn it around after the All Star Break with an easier schedule but right now, this is a mess.

If this slide continues, the questions will get louder:

A) Is it time to break up the pairing of Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo because they’re a bad fit?

B) If so, which player between Bam and Jimmy would you build your team around?

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