Start Your Day With Scenes From Billy Madison To Celebrate It’s 25th Anniversary



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25 years ago Adam Sandler blessed us with the greatest cinematic masterpiece of the 90s. Billy Madison was the defining moment of my childhood like Harry Potter, Star Wars, or the Matrix was for other kids. At one point I could quote the entire movie word for word (I guess I even technically knew gibberish), as I watched it while going to travel baseball games in my dad’s 2000 Ford Windstar. It was a modern day classic that still holds up today, and for some reason it is only  every now and then on Comedy Central. When I’m President, we’re going to have it on weekly like Shawshank Redemption. It is the most quotable movie ever.

Knibb High football rules!


“Sorry doesn’t put the delicious Triscuit crackers in my stomach now does it?”



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