Did Howard Eskin Tweet Something Kinda Racist?

This has to be a joke right? Some weird old man joke that I just don’t understand.  1. Couldn’t even get the guy’s last name right McCuthen numb nuts. I mean that seems insane until you see that he called him Lawrence. What???? Turns out Lawrence McCutcheon is an actual person. Small problem is he is a retired NFL runningback.



Now this could easily be a slip since Eskin is about 2,000 years old. They say the brain is the first thing to go after the eyes, the back and the hearing. But also has an “every black guy is the same” feel to it in my opinion. Not saying Eskin is racist, he’s most likely not. But he literally mixed up a starting outfielder for the Phillies for a retired runningback for the Rams that hasn’t played a down in almost 30 years. That’s pretty tough. But once again it could be that Eskin is just super dumb. And you know the old saying: “It’s better to be dumb than racist.” I think something like that.

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