Bleacher Report Tweeted a Video Claiming Joel Embiid Got Booed in Intros and Everyone Lost Their God Damn Mind

It could be the Philly homer in me, but listen to this video and see if you can hear legitimate boos from the Philly home crowd:

Not to get political, but if people fall for this video, I totally understand how another country can influence our elections.

Anna Horford, sister of Demarco Murray-Horford, seemed to bite the cheese.

Of course she doesn’t get the fan base. But, that’s okay because for 54 games, this coaching staff didn’t get that Al should be coming off the bench. So, at the end of the day, if this video triggers her, let’s call it even because the play of Al has triggered me every night since fucking Halloween.

But, let’s not let this Fake News video overshadow the Sixers biggest win of the season. For the first time all year, things seemed to legitimately flow well on offense. Tobias Harris thrived at the 4. Joel Embiid roamed the paint, not the three point line. Ben Simmons could attack at will. Al Horford anchored a productive bench unit. Plus, Josh Richardson is a dawg and dawgs to dawg things.

You know that scene in You where Joe/Will stops having bad dreams and sleeps well at night because he starts dating Love? That was me, except instead of dating a psychopath I just stopped having to watch ridiculous Sixers lineups involving Horford/Embiid/Simmons.

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