Arch Manning Is The Next Great QB That No One Is Allowed To Know

You know Archie and Peyton.. Eli and Cooper. But what you may not recall is who could be the best Manning of all…

Image – SI

America for the most part love the Manning family. Unless you live in New England that is.

Archie was a stud for hapless Saints (Aints) back in the day. Peyton was one of the best QB’s we ever got the pleasure to watch, and has turned into a media icon. Eli will forever be a lovable dork with two Super Bowls. And Cooper… Well we always heard he’s a swell guy.

But, they all might stink compared to the next Manning in line.. Cooper’s son Arch. Who know one seems to know anything about, and that’s exactly how the Manning family wants to keep it.

Arch just finished his Freshman season at Isidore Newman School in New Orleans, where he threw 34 touchdowns as the staring QB. The same high school where his Uncle’s Peyton and Eli played QB, but neither whom started as freshman.

Arch is 6’2, 175lbs, Hthrew more TD’s than any other HS QB in the New Orleans area, was named the Max Prep HS player of the year… He is only 15, and he real name is Archibald Charles Manning, because of course it is.

Image – SI

SI “On his very first play Arch Manning audibled at the line of scrimmage, took the snap out of the shotgun and then floated a 25-yard touchdown pass into his receiver’s outstretched hands.”

But he has zero scholarship offers..

Wait what?

Because the Manning family have rejected them all. They won’t allow him to accept or even look at any offers because they say he is only a freshman. Which I kinda dig. I kinda love the fact that they are pimping the kid out like so many so when their kid has an ounce of talent.

They also don’t allow Arch to be on social media. He’s focused on school and football. (And I guarantee a whole lotta pornhub.)

He has also never done one interview. Hence why you may have no idea he even existed. Come on, not even for his school newspaper?!

Rumor has it that LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron attended a 7 on 7 camp Arch was competing in. When Orgeron approached the Manning family about Arch they acted as if they had no idea who he was and simply ignored him.

I mean, how the hell do you turn your back on Coach O? 1. He’s just so god damn lovable. 2. I’d be scared shitless he’d attack me like the grizzle bear in the Revenant.

I am not year to try and get Arch on Sports Center. Or think his family should create him a Twitter account. (But if you guys decide to I know a great site for his first interview.)

I just wanted to bring to light the fact that the future seems to be bright with another Manning in the works. One that may turn out more awkward than Eli since he’s shunned from the world, but might also be better than Peyton.

And I’m here for that.

Feature Image – SI

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