WIP Caller Calls Joel Embiid A “Fat Loser” And Wants Him And Ben Simmons Traded

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WIP gonna WIP. Not much else you can say. Every person that listens to WIP and every person that calls in to that station is the same guy. Some old crusty Delco or South Philly idiot that just wants things to “be like the old days.” All you needed to hear was when he said trade him today….ya know. After the deadline. Yeah that’s the guy who’s advice we should take.

I have to say, after hearing this call I’ve never been more on the Embiid train. I hope they win out, go to the NBA Finals and sweep. During the parade everyone is partying and celebrating and crusty Mike is crying about Ben Simmons not shooting enough. And then in the offseason I pray we get to break a story where Joel and Ben tag teamed Mike’s wife. There needs to be a happy ending and I think Mike’s over weight wife can give it to them.

WIP needs to go. They are old, tired and worthless. All they do is try to stay “edgy” but for them that means just being annoying. Listen to the fans for once. We don’t want to hear people shit all over our superstars 24/7 every moment they aren’t your idea of a model player. It’s 2020 you old morons. These guys have social media accounts and they are going to express themselves. Cry about it. You know what makes you soft Mikey Cuckholdberry? Whining like a little baby back bitch when someone tells you to be quiet.

“He can’t do that!!!!! He’s the player he has to shut up and play!! While I boo him ruthlessly for not doing something I can’t even imagine being able to do at my made up standards!!!!”

If you are a WIP listener and you’re reading this. First off, congrats! Shocked you can read. Secondly, do yourself a favor and change the channel. Listen to something else, get a hug or maybe drink a smoothie. You’re going to die of a massive stroke filling yourself with all that hate.


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