The Red Sox Are A Stain On Boston

I don’t even like baseball and every time I see something about the Mookie Betts trade I just get pissed off. Quick breakdown of events. Red Sox were trying to dick around a top 5 player in the entire sport, eventually the leaked that they offered him 300 million over 10 years. Now if you’re a fucking moron that looks like a lot of money, if you’re one of those people I hope you trip down some stairs today and get mildly injured. Mookie countered with 420 million over 12. Very clear negotiation tactic, they go low so you go high very simple.

Instead of even considering offering the best player your team has ever had, John Henry and the rest of management “threw in the towel”. In reality they knew you all are fucking dumb.

So the Red Sox who every year have some of the highest ticket, food and beer prices in all of sports had to trade this once in a lifetime player to save some money. I was over it. I don’t care about baseball, I just don’t think you can be in this city and not go for a title. Trading Mookie isn’t going for a title but like I said I was over it. Until this.

Excuse me? Cash considerations? Well surely that’s a mistake, right?

I’ve seen two numbers floating around of how much money we gave away while trading an MVP because we needed to save money. Did that sentence not make sense? Yeah neither does this stupid trade.

Up to 48 million is the first number I saw on Twitter and The Washington Post says the Sox will send 96 million to cover half of Prices salary. I wish there was a homegrown gold glove winning outfielder who also has a silver slugger award and finished top 10 in MVP voting a year after winning MVP who we could sign with that extra 96 million. It’s not all bad though, at least we got a shortstop back in the trade. We really needed a new one of those right?

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