Sixers Make Their Smartest Move Since Drafting Joel Embiid


After 53 painstaking games, the Sixers coaching staff has finally come to the conclusion Sixers fans came to a long, long time ago: Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid and Al Horford can’t efficiently co-exist on the court together. Al Horford will now be a glorified back-up center.

I don’t blame the Sixers organization for exhausting all options before making this move after committing $109M to Horford. But, the reason they committed that much money to him is because they recognized their window. Sitting in the 5th seed going into ASW, the window could be compromised if they don’t make a move.

They’ve finally got the wing talent to play 4 out and 1 in after the simultaneous God sends they’ve experienced: Acquiring GR3 as well as Alec Burks and Furkan Korkmaz turning into the best Euro player in the league.

Shake Milton has developed, Josh Richardson is back, they’ve trade for Burks and GR3, and Korkmaz is slinging his big ol’ dick around at the three point line. There’s too much wing talent not to be playing 4 wings at once and instead letting Joel and Horford crash into each other like bumper cars in the paint.

Al Horford was always a back-up plan for Embiid, an insurance policy if you will. Now he’s a back-up in every sense of the word. Well deserved, Demarco Murray 2.0.

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