Coronavirus Confusing Corona Drinkers

Let me make something perfectly clear up front… The CoronaVirus is nothing to joke about. People are getting sick, people are dying and people are stuck on cruise ships because countries won’t let them dock.

But, people are also dumb.

Do you know what the word “Corona” means in Latin? Crown. Hence the Crown on the Corona bottles.

It is called the CoronaVirus because under a microscope it looks to have little crown like spikes. Not because it comes out of the bottle, can or tap.

Corona Beer is traded on the NYCSE under the company Constellation Brands. The stock is down since the outbreak, but luckily only by a little. It is still trading for $199 a share, which means the people playing the stock market aren’t as dumb as some of the ones using Google.

fool.comSince the virus began to take on global proportions in the middle of January, online searches for the phrase ” beer coronavirus” surged over 3,200% globally while “corona beer virus” rocketed 2,300%.”

GIF – Giphy

But it’s true..

Image -Business Insider

Luckily Corona still has a little under 3 months for this virus to go away so the world can enjoy mucho Coronas on Cinco De Mayo.

Each week I find something new that has me worried about the intelligence of the world. I shall just add this to the list.

If you are still confused if you can get CoronaVirus from Corona Beer… Just give the Corona Hotline a call and Tony Romo will help you out.

Image – Joe’s Daily
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