Where Were You When You Found Out Taysom Hill Was 30 Years Old?

taysom hill


So now that football is over and all we have to distract us is NFL Free Agency, the Scouting Combine, trades, XFL, mixed with Eagles beat writer Mock Drafts that range from ranking players based on their knowledge of Wawa and how to spell Schuykill vs. Mock Draft 7.2 that’s been the same guys just moved around in different spots over the last two months.

The big debate that has everyone else on NFL Twitter raging is, “Can Taysom Hill be an NFL starting QB”.

You have people like Mike Florio saying he can be a star in this league.

You have others saying Teddy Bridgewater deserves a shot or at least the Saints should keep him as the insurance policy for Drew Brees.

Sean Payton is saying he expects Taysom Hill, who is a Restricted FA, to receive an offer from a team on the Peter King podcast.


But everyone’s talking about Taysom Hill likes he’s a 24 year old ready to be the successor to Drew Brees. He’s 30 years old!

Listen, could Taysom Hill be a star in this league? Probably. If you watched the Vikings/Saints game in the playoffs you could definitely make the case. But Florio talking about him like he’s 21 year old rookie is hilarious. He’s 30 years old! How the hell is Taysom Hill 30 years old? I feel like he’s only been in the league for 3 years. He’s one year younger than Cam Newton!

*Checks Wikipedia*

He’s only been in the league for 3 years?! He left high school in 2009 and didn’t start at BYU until 2012 because he took a mission for two years. He took another 6 years to get out of their due to medical season ending injuries and redshirts. Does no one know that Taysom Hill is 30 years old and has had 3 major injuries that he’s missed extensive time for? Peter King told Sean Payton on his podcast that he hopes he coaches Hill for the next decade.

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 5.41.30 PM


Taysom Hill is going to have a mid-life crisis in the next decade. In 2030 he’s going to show up to training camp in a 1985 Thunderbird and dying his hair while trying to fit in with his 20 year old teammates talking about Double Dare and Spongebob.

I love this type of shit though. When you find out that a player is older than you thought and your perception completely changes. I was honestly shocked when I found out Taysom Hill was older than me. Makes me feel like I too could be a QB of the future still.


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