Super Villain, Jimmy Butler, Working to Land Joel Embiid in Miami

Sky is falling! Joel Embiid is out the door and who knows if he will even come back from the All-Star Break, he may go straight to Miami so he can team back up with Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy Buckets plays the NBA’s version of The Joker in The Dark Knight, he just lives for chaos the entire time.

In all seriousness, kudos to Joel on the troll. Many people deserved to get trolled like this. Although, were fans really even mad Joel told them to STFU. It seemed like the majority of fans understood it and justified it. They were more than okay with it if it meant more dominant Embiid performances and W’s. It was the media who created fake outrage over it, knowing fans would jump to defend Joel, thus creating debate. The fans aren’t the problem in this city, the media is.

As for Joel Embiid, what a shock that he wouldn’t be happy here. The team canned the GM who drafted him thanks to the spineless owner. The next GM, given the job due to sheer nepotism, had burner accounts criticizing Embiid. They traded his best friend in Nerlens Noel. Then he befriends Jimmy Butler, except they part ways with him too. After all that, they bring in this Power Forward to clog the paint, causing Embiid to make sacrifices with his playing style. Then, as a little cherry on top they tell him to make sacrifices off the court too and essentially stop having fun. Can’t imagine why this guy would be fed up.

With that being said, a win tomorrow would almost guarantee the Sixers are 3 games ahead of the Pacers going into ASW. They are only 2 games back of the aforementioned asshole Heat. They’ve got 13 road games left and 9 are against teams with losing records. Better days are ahead, if Joel Embiid doesn’t kill us first.

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