Mugshot Monday: Brad Pitt

On Sunday Brad Pitt was celebrated for winning the Oscar for best supporting actor.

Image – She Knows

On Monday, we celebrate Brad Pitt for his former arrest and Mugshot.

Image – 7 News

WSVN “MIAMI (WSVN) – Police say a man accused of breaking into a car told officers his name was “Brad Pitt” when he was arrested.”

Well played sir… Well played.

But he didn’t stop there..

WSVN “Police said the man didn’t want to tell the officers his real name and proceeded to give them fake names, such as Brad Pitt, Nancy Pelosi, Marco Rubio and even Donald Trump.”

I mean if you’re gonna go down you should just go down swinging for the fences.

His real name ended up being “Ronald Walker” But I am going to continue to call old Ron… Brad Pitt.


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