Joel Embiid Checking In Just To Let You Know He’s Watching The Dark Knight Tonight

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We are over shushing, we have now upgraded to subtweeting. Joel is evolving as a human right in front of our eyes. Maybe next we’ll get an insta story of “👀 (eyeballs)”. And then Tik Tok it with him rapping the line in “So Appalled” by Jay Z to really get the fans going wondering what this means.

This has to be about the report that Brian Windhorst said on his podcast that “teams were talking about Embiid what it would take to get Embiid.” Fantastic so teams are talking about him? I don’t care if teams are writing beautiful love sonnets to him. In typical Philadelphia fashion we all ran with it. People also had conversations about Embiid back in 2016 when he couldn’t stay healthy.

Listen Sixers Twitter and Politics Twitter isn’t that different. Except with Sixers Twitter it’s not only Dems and Conservatives fighting. It’s basically Independents fighting Socialists. The Whigs are fighting the Green Party. The Montagues vs the Capulets. You either are pro-Brett or anti-Brett. Simmons vs Embiid. The Process vs Actually winning. Mike Scott Hive vs anyone with a brain.

Can you subtweet a fan base if you already admitted that you’re trying to be “a good asshole from now on” last night? This is just Joel Embiid vs the world. If Joel’s gonna promise me he’s going to play pissed off and can give me 30 & 15 for the rest of the season all the way to a title. Well then he can watch the Dark Knight as much as he wants.

Stay the fuck out of this Jimmy!

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