Joaquin Phoenix Ruined Milk Last Night At The Oscars


I love Joaquin Phoenix, he’s an amazing actor and I haven’t seen Joker yet (sorry relax I have a baby) but I know he’s going to be unreal in that. You can just tell. And the fact that he is using his time in the spotlight for good is fantastic. Try and make a change while you have people’s attention. Very noble. But milk? I mean, c’mon Joaquin. I love milk.

2%, 1%, shit I’ll mess around with whole if I’m in a bind. Please don’t make me feel like shit this monday morning because I have a bowl of cereal every now and then. Fight for animal rights, 100000%. Everyone and thin should be treated fairly…..with that being said though. Eating meat is about as natural as it gets. Animals eat animals. Happens everyday. Just because when I do it comes with a little side of mashed potatoes and some A1 doesn’t make me a monster.

Once again, love you Joaquin, you the man. But I’m still getting a spicy chicken sandwich for lunch today.

Sorry 🙁

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