Amazon Needs To Redo All Or Nothing Without Angelo Cataldi

If you know anything about me you know that 1. I am not an Eagles fan. But, 2. I am probably the only objective Cowboys fan on the face of the planet.

…Trust me, I hate the Eagles fan base but I hate my fan base almost as much.

You may also know that I live in the (very north) suburbs of Philadelphia and my wife and her entire family are big Eagles fans.

I also admire any good sports radio talk, even if it’s in Philadelphia… Hence why I am a big fan on Tony Bruno, Harry Mayes, Eytan Shander..

I also love everything sports, especially documentary’s. Hard Knocks will always be the OG but All or Nothing has taken this shit to the next level.

Of course I loved the Cowboys one. But also absolutely loved the Man City one and the All Blacks Rugby team one, if you haven’t, watch both.

So naturally I am going to watch the Eagles one, especially because my wife wants to watch it… Even though she hates “revisiting that shitty season.”

We started watching it (no spoilers) and one of the first things I hear is that loud mouth idiot’s voice. And I said out loud, Oh no Cataldi is going to be all over this isn’t he?


His dumb ass voice. His dumb ass takes. His killing of Ertz after the Atlanta game. All of it. We literally had to take a break from binging because I couldn’t take so much of him. I don’t listen to 94.1 mainly because of that idiot.

Even my wife said and I quote… It is kind of embarrassing that he represents us as Philly fans.”

He can’t speak English. All he does is yell. He is literally mocked all around the country and people think HE is what Philly fans are. And HE is the reason they get such a bad rap.

Listen, I hate Eagles fans as much as the next guy. But, I respect a lot of them because they are for the most part educated fans. But not this bozo and his following.

Amazon… For the love of god rerelease the show and cut his ass out. I see the impending lawsuits coming for mass bleeding of the ears. And Philly fans don’t deserve to be seen as represented by this clown.

And, for those of you that have not watched yet… This is your Public Service Announcement:

Do not play it on surround sound. Do not have your volume up loud. You will damage your ears and your children will be terrified for days.

Amazon… I’m pleading with you. Cut Angelo.

Feature Image – NBC Sports

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