The XFL Is Innovating The Game – Jerry Glanville Is Wearing Two Headsets On The Sideline



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There’s a school of thought that as you get older you start to lose that passion and energy you once had and just say ‘Fuck it’. Well don’t tell that to 78 year old Jerry Glanville who continues to innovate. Two headsets! Can listen to defensive calls and your favorite podcast at the same time. It’s called efficiency. You think Jerry Glanville is able to listen to his favorite podcast “The WooderBoys” (comes out every Tuesday (Rate, Like Subscribe)), while he’s crunching film on Matt McGloin’s 4 games with the Raiders to prepare for Sunday? It’s like listening to your podcasts on 1.5x speed. I’m about to graduate to 2x speed. I need to be as quick and efficient as possible. I’d rather it take 45 minutes to listen to a podcast rather than an hour and 30 minutes. Who cares if it sounds like someone gargling mouthwash? Efficiency is how you build Fortune 50 empires with strategic and innovative management to promote synergies. It’s why Jerry Glanville now has his dream job of leading the Tampa Bay Vipers defense who’s losing to Matt McGloin.

One day when Branded Sports is an empire and I have vanquished all of my enemies I will feel the exact way Sam Wyche felt towards Jerry Glanville.

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