Some Random Girl On Twitter Is Claiming She Hooked Up With A Very Married Baker Mayfield


On the first official Sunday without NFL football, the cheating rumors have just started to kick off. Tough time of year for the NFL players after they go from spending every waking moment in the gym with the boys making up cool TD celebration dances to having to go to the farmers market with the wife and kids. The Instagram models are getting more likes than ever from everyone’s burner accounts and if Pornhub could whip up one of their web traffic charts for active NFL players this week has to be the highest of the year.

The first big victim of accusation szn is Baker Mayfield. Even though he is a 24 year old “franchise” quarterback with millions of dollars, Baker is very much married. There is for sure no way around knowing that.

Baker is a very good Instagram husband. Always posting sentimental captions with hot pis of his wife. Any thirsty thot searching through Baker’s page will know within 3 swipes that he is taken.

Unfortunately in the professional athlete space that means absolutely nothing. So when this random girl on Twitter starting claiming she blew Baker Mayfield in the back of his car, it’s important to consider all the facts here.

Now all this says is that Baker blocked her on Twitter. Baker strikes me as someone who is quick to tap that block button, so this does not yet rule out the ‘this girl is a complete psycho’ theory.

She then followed up with a very specific description of events…the tea she was talking about.

2:14pm. A whole hour and 3 minutes later she finally dropped this one vid.

Right off the bat this girl looks on the younger side of life. Someone that might have dreams of becoming a Tik Tok icon. She’s already gained like 2,000 followers since I’ve started writing this blog. How hard would it be to save a contact in your phone as Baker Mayfield and send a picture that looks like he could have posted on his Instagram story after watching Bengals film for 6 hours. Making her friends film her opening a Snap from Baker sure would get a lot of views on the Tok.

Her pinned tweet speaks volumes:

The profile pic is an ass shot and her header is drinking a Corona. Not making any judgements based on that but it all goes into my evaluation of whether this story is real or not.

So far it does not seem like Baker’s wife is convinced. I’m not sure I would give a fuck either if I just joined the zillion beers movement.

Couldn’t have worked out better for Baker if it is true either. Just keep the beers coming in the sake of Dana B and she’ll be asleep long enough for the rumors to go away.

At this point I am not ready to cancel Baker for being a cheating piece of scum quite yet. I need more substantial evidence from Kacie. With a profile pic of that much ass you have to have more than just a dark selfie. You got a dick pic with his face in it or is Baker smarter than that? Screenshots from a verified DM convo? It’s just going to take a little more than a single Snapchat to fool us journalists Kacie. And the cracked screen makes it a little more complicated. Seems sloppy all around. I look forward to

However I want to state on record if it’s true we will turn our attention to Baker. He does not seem worried.


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