Philip Nelson, Dallas Renegades QB1, Is An Absolute Man Rocket

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How about this absolute chiseled Sex Cannon just being unleashed around the Dallas nightlife scene? Philip Nelson, Dallas Renegades QB1, is a fucking MAN ROCKET! It’s not enough that he has a jawline that was cut from the Granite of the Gods. But he has abs that you could play the Xylophone off of.

Bob Stoops even said he modeled some underwear, but I can’t confirm that yet. Will report back if I find anything.



Not only is he sexier than Pat Mahomes he also delivers better no-look passes then Mahomes.


How is he not the face of the XFL? He needs to be on billboards, programs, and guest bartending at the Dallas/Fort Worth Chip-N-Dales. Sex sells XFL, even if it’s to a bunch of red-blooded Texans in Bible Belt country.


P.S. It’s gotta be tough to be his smoke girlfriend knowing that you’re the second hottest in the relationship.

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