BYU’s Mascot Cosmo Cougar Dunks From The 3 Point Line


Holy shit that was honestly one of the most athletic things these eyeballs have ever seen. A flying cougar dunking a basketball is something usually reserved for a two tab acid trip. Not this time.

That was way too much excitement for some BYU fans not to cum all over themselves. I would tell the Cougar to leave some pussy for the rest of us, but he can’t even have a Diet Coke. There are going to be lines out of this guy’s dorm room for chicks to soak with him through the mascot costume.

Cosmo isn’t no stranger to shine. This pussycat’s moves drip so much sex there have been stories of fans leaving early just to pro-create and build the population of the Mormon religion.



Mascot halftime dunk shows have lost their entertainment luster over the years. That’s why they’ve had to make a call to Vegas and get Red Panda and that Garibaldi guy who paints at every NBA halftime arena. You give me more male cheerleaders throwing a mascot through the air while getting an alley-oop from some PA, I’ll stay in my seat rather then getting some beers and a Lorenzo’s slice at half.

This still doesn’t compare to dunk shows Hip Hop used to put on back in the day. A roided up bunny who loved Biggie Smalls and Coolio? What else could you ask for?


Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 3.37.21 PM

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