The First Hot Mic F Bomb In League History!

Now I’m sure there were a couple of F Bombs on hot mic’s in the old XFL back in 2001. He Hate Me probably had 30 of them by himself. But this is an entirely new league. If you change logos you officially become a new league. No one talks about what the NFL was before The Shield was created. Who gives a fuck about the ABA now that the NBA is a dominant force. This is the first “Fuck” in a sideline interview in XFL 2.0 history. I’m surprised it took until almost halftime before it happened.

Couple other quick notes:

Awesome kick off idea.

Love the 1-3 point conversion idea.

The football is actually not bad?

A lot of I remember that guy’s today. But that’s awesome because

The only thing allowed to come over from the old league.

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