Start Your Morning With Bill Gates, Trevor Noah, Federer, & Rafa Lighting The Dance Floor On Fire

Talk about the weirdest crew to ever be assembled at one event. I had to double check that headline just to make sure it was real. There was a tennis match so it makes sense why two of the greatest tennis players ever were there. It was in South Africa so that makes sense why South African born Trevor Noah was there. But what was this silverfox in the back doing just bopping around like he was your buddy at a college basement party who took too much molly?

Just helping to raise a cool $3 mil for childhood education.


What a bad look in that picture for Gates btw. Almost makes you wonder if he thought the $3 million was worth it to have his tits sprouting different ways all over Instagram. Our boy Bill is easily an A Cup, B Cup in Victoria’s Secret bras. Those nipples could cut diamonds. I know Gates is a billionaire and he probably doesn’t care, but deep down he has to realize he probably should’ve put on a pullover to cover up the saggy titties. No money to stop world hunger will ever get my mind off of those perky things.

And how about Trevor Noah with the K-tape around the knee?

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 1.53.54 AM


Dude this is a charity game for fucks sake. You’re not playing Doubles for a Wimbledon title. You could go out there looking like Jimmy Fallon hungover as fuck at Wimbledon and still pass for competent.



The cynic in me can admit still this was a pretty awesome rally.


You know you couldn’t get through this blog without the video of the Windows 95 Launch. That Bill Gates could always cut a rug man.

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