Jeff Wilpon… Ruining the Mets Again…




It was being floated over the last few months that the Mets were in an agreement to sell the team to Steve Cohen. Steve Cohen a man with unlimited money. A man who was going to throw a Gala before opening day 2020 to celebrate the future of the Mets.

But no the fucking WILPONS fucked it up again. Particularly Jeff Wilpon a man who has done nothing with his life but been born into money. Fred Wilpon Jeff’s daddy worked his ass off, made billions and then ruined the Mets. I can at least respect that but, Jeff was born into cash did nothing and now wants to see the world of the New York Mets Burn. If only he was fired off into a tube sock and not his mother my life would be much better.

2.6 BILLION dollars. Let that sink in. How do you fuck up a deal where a man is trying to give you 2.6 BILLION dollars. Well Let me Explain, Jeffy boy saw the tag and basically said “well i need more than that” “i need to be taken care of.” ( Important to note again Jeff Wilpon has done nothing with his life but be born into money. ) 

As the deal was being hammered out Jeff (AKA rat fuck who hates good baseball and my happiness) asked for a raise, a promotion to stay on with the team post sale, and use of the Mets private Jet.

If you get 2.6 Billion dollars you can get your own fucking Jet, you don’t need a job, and you can work as a Fantasy Baseball Commissioner for free!

This was going to be the start of the Mets, and there Amazin’ rise (see what i did there?) to one of baseballs premier markets and teams. With Steve Cohen and his billions of dollars at the helm.

THE GOD DAMN WILPONS. If being a Mets fan is not Hell I don’t want to die because there can not be a worse existence.



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