It Took One Game to See PJ Walker is the GOAT of the XFL

It’s been exactly one day of XFL football and it took than less than four full quarters to see that PJ Walker is the Patrick Mahomes of this shit:

23/39 for 272 yards, 4TDs and one interception with 4 minutes left in the game as an ode to his time at Temple University.

Yeah, after that fantastic performance in his XFL debut, it is fairly clear Walker would’ve been Lamar Jackson if he just would’ve never changed his name from PJ to Phillip. Biggest mistake in collegiate sport history since Chris Webber thought he had that timeout in his back pocket.

PJ’s performance for the Roughnecks (great name) is all the nation needed to see to know that the XFL is not going to fizzle out like the AAF. It’s actually pretty fascinating that some of these names are even in the XFL and not on NFL rosters. I mean, if the Chargers want to carry on the tradition of having a quarterback who balls out for 58 minutes a game but throws one or two back breaking interceptions,  I think they’ve got their guy.

Not sure the futures are up on Draft Kings yet, but get ready to bet heavy on a #PJ4MVP campaign and a Roughnecks title. Grab your Walker jersey from AliExpress and while you’re buying gear for former Temple legends, mine as well get a Cole Boozer, #69 XFL jersey too.

On the opposing side of the ball, for the Los Angeles I Don’t Know Their Nicknames Yet, why is Johnny Manziel not the starting quarterback? Chester Kanoff sounds like the name of a Wall Street hot shot who goes to white collar prison for embezzlement. It’s not a football name, and doesn’t have the flash necessary for an LA franchise. Now Johnny Manziel? That’s a name with some fitting LA flash.

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