Howie Roseman Explains Why Eagles Fans Forced Him To Tint His Car Windows

Do we think Howie got out of the sports complex before someone shouted “Hey, Howie! Fuck you!” Or was he on 76 in bumper to bumper traffic in that one section by the City Ave exit, you know the one where you have to merge right before Manyunk, it’s always crowded no matter the time of day you drive on it. My money is on that one.

But this just continues the fact that Eageles fans will remain undefeated for all of eternity. What’s that stat? The one that 1.8 people die a second and 4.2 are born every second. Just when you think you get rid of someone who’s been motherfucking the Eagles organization for 40 years, boom 4.2 more Eagles fans are born in the Delaware Valley wondering why Howie spent our 1st round pick on another Defensive edge rusher. You can’t kill it, you can only hope to contain it.

And that’s why Howie has his friends telling him it’s not like that in other places compared to Philly. You can’t get away from praise and you definitely can’t get away from the criticism. It’s everywhere. This city is literally run by the Eagles. People’s Mondays are ruined if they lose Sunday. It’s spooky after an Eagles loss, the city is eerily quiet. Conversely when they win, at McGillins it’s Chino pants, your favorite tailgate Tims that you’re not afraid to stomp out some Skins fan talking shit, and pitchers of Bud Light flowing as far as the eye can see. Fuck I need football season back.

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