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We’re back baby! Late night live blog time. Here’s the deal, I’m red wine sipping, tv channel flipping, and blogging my random thoughts and things I come across in real time. Your job is simple. Read and keep checking back often.

Read. Refresh. Repeat.

Let’s get it going

10:31 – This is exactly what I mean when I say I don’t understand Tik Tok in the least bit.

10:21 – I created my first Tik Tok tonight. Still don’t completely understand it but I figured it was time to dip my toe in the water. So make sure to follow me on my journey to become a TT superstar.

10:12 – Donald Trump needs a graphic designer

9:57 – Question of the night:

9:49 – He’s doubled, maybe tripled down now. Jesus Christ Eddie. What are we going to do with you?


9:48 – I just found out that Eddie thinks Kelly Rowland should be Top 5 hottest celebrities. Kelly Rowland?!?!??? Great voice and my childhood would be different without her obviously but I mean come on man. Look at this. That doesn’t hang with the Megan Foxs of the world.

9:40 – This isn’t even a debate. If you pick Mountain Dew over Dr. Pepper you should be locked up for the rest of your life. That isn’t a joke either. Life in prison.

9:30 – Last post had me thinking. My top 5 celebrity crushes:

  1. Margot Robbie
  2. Megan Fox
  3. Scarlett Johansson
  4. Nicole Scherzinger
  5. Adriana Lima

9:20 – Christine Teigen’s pants go. I think I meant to blog this earlier but just forgot. I know people have mixed feelings about her but I think she does it for me. Wouldn’t throw her like top 5 of my celebrity crushes but people that say she isn’t sexy are just lunatics.


9:04 – Can we talk about the Democratic debate real quick? I don’t want to get political or anything but isn’t having a debate on a Friday night a dumb idea? A 3 hour debate kicking off at 8 pm on a Friday, right in the middle of NBA action and Live PD, ehhhhh. Doesn’t seem like a well thought out plan.

8:59 – LeBron Dunk 

Everyone is tweeting about this dunk and it’s amazing. Not sure how LeBron thinks to do this mid game. Maybe he is just taking credit because that would be the most LeBron thing in the world. But I tip my cap.


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