Kim Kardashian Thinks Her 8 Month Old Son Is A Reincarnation Of Her Father


As if life isn’t going to be hard enough as the 4th child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named Psalm, the expectations for this 8 month old child are already a little too high.

 “On our show, we showed that we were in Bali, and a woman—a blind medium—came up to me and said that I was gonna have another son and that it was gonna be my father reincarnated.”

Much like everyone else I stopped watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians in like 2015 so I had now idea this was featured on the show. I’d like to see the credentials of this blind medium. Sounds like someone wants to get the invite to a Sunday service.

Pretty rare that a blind medium would just come up to you on the street, but for it to happen twice?

“My baby nurse, I had to go out of town and I really needed her to come in,” she shared. “But she had a baby shower that she had to go to. And I said, ‘It’s okay, you can bring my son to the baby shower, if that’s okay with you.’ I really needed the help. She brings him to a baby shower, and a woman comes up to her and said, ‘Is this your son?’ And she said, ‘No, no, no, I’m just watching him.’ And she said, ‘Well, I just have to tell you, please tell their mom this is a family member of hers reincarnated.'”

Honestly almost a little too many details in this story for me to follow. Kim’s baby nurse probably wanted to take a personal day off to attend a baby shower that’s been on the calendar for months and Kim just wants to pawn off her baby for the day. Sorry baby nurse, but Skims is coming out with a line of cankle shapewear. So then this random baby shows up to a baby shower and people are like is that Kim Kardashian’s baby? Why is Kim Kardashian’s baby at this baby shower? And then a random stranger decides to approach the baby to say it’s the spirit of a dead celebrity lawyer?

“Multiple people that had no idea that was my nanny or anything have come up to my baby to say that he’s a family member reincarnated,” Kardashian dished. “So my whole family, all the time, thinks it’s my dad and is just so emotional and close to him.”

I would not be surprised at all if this was Kanye. Another artistic experiment trying to convince people an 8 month old is a spiritual reincarnation. All leading up to his next album ReincarYE. A new line of Yeezy x Robert Kardashians Reincarnation.

Plus wouldn’t it be a little much for Kim Kardashian to raise her father as her son? I mean she didn’t physically push him out of her vagina but she’s changing his diapers and cleaning up his puke.

Lastly, the most compelling piece of evidence.

“He’s left-handed, like my dad,” she revealed. “So, all these things happen. I don’t even know if I believe in reincarnation, but I do now. But I want to believe it!”

Not sure if you can make an official diagnosis on handedness at 8 months but too much of a coincidence to be anything other than reincarnation. Two lefties across 3 generations? Unheard of.


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