If You’re Not Excited For The XFL Tomorrow You Have A Poop In Your Pants

Let’s ride people! This Monday was one of the worst days of the year. The Super Bowl is over which means all we have left is baseball. Gross. But thank the sports God’s and Vince McMahon really, because tomorrow will not be the end of football as we know it. Well actually, it might be the end of football that we are used to but there will be football none the less. XFL kicks off tomorrow at 2 pm and you bet your sweet ass I will be in front of the tv for kick off.

I thought the entire internet would be a buzz excited for the XFL but I’m seeing a bunch of little baby back bitches tweeting nonsense like “No thanks” or “Just going to fold.” What is happening? We’re talking about football people. The XFL is giving us a gift better than any other gift you can receive. 3 more months of the greatest sport on planet earth. Seriously, web gems are sweet and all but baseball is one strike away from being nap time. The XFL is going to be roughly a billion times more entertaining.

They aren’t even doing extra points. You score a touchdown, you go for either a 1,2 or 3.

They also have the double forward pass, faster play clock to make the game more face paced, a college feel OT and all the players and coaches are mic’d up. How are people not excited for this? The NFL does there Mic’d Up video every week and people love it. Now imagine that live during the game. Feed me players talking shit to each other!

All you have to do now is pick a team. I originally decided to ride with the Houston Roughnecks so I guess I’ll stay with them. I say I guess because they did my man Connor Cook dirty. The guy is the greatest quarterback in Michigan State program history and he gets benched for PJ Tucker? A Temple kid. Woof. I’m just going to assume that coach June Jones will figure out this was a boneheaded move and Connor will be leading the Roughnecks to the championship this April.

Anyway, make sure you watch the XFL and support it. If we don’t watch it than it will just die and we’ll never have an NFL alternative. Even if you’re leaving the house, just put it on. Let the dog watch it, dogs love football everyone knows that.

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