Can’t Trust Team Liquid To Win Anymore! LCS Week 3 Betting Guide


I’ll be the first one to admit last week was disappointing. Hand up, I have to be better. Well, Team Liquid has to be better but I should know they’ll lose to teams they’re significantly better than. We went 1-2 last week which puts us at 3-3 for the year and because of that I am putting a one week suspension on myself from betting on TL. Very big of me I know.

Evil Genuises Vs Counter Logic Gamimg +120

I’ve been hard on CLG this year and rightfully so. They’ve been stinking the place up in their first 4 games. An 0-4 start for a team who is always in the mix and projected to be a top 4 or 5 team is not what you want but I believe in CLG! I ranked them very low in this weeks power rankings (click here to watch) and I think it will motivate them.

Immortals Vs 100 Thieves -175

Not a lot of great value picks this week but 100T beating Immortals feels like a very safe pick for some of the best odds a favorite is getting this whole weekend. I won’t say the G word but this is pretty close to it. I always say I hate going much past -120ish but the Thieves should win handidly so don’t get cute. Some inside info from an outsider, I think Cody Sun will have a big game… do what you will with that.

TSM Vs Team Dignitas +110

I don’t feel great with this pick. I think Dig is good but TSM is coming off of a 2-0 week last week and have seemingly put it all together BUT Dig is a top team who plays C9 later in the week. C9 is going to be near impossible to beat and I can’t see Dig going 0-2 after this start. I understand not taking this pick but put your nuts on the table, let’s make some fucking money.

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