2020: The new 1918 in Boston

I sit here in my humble New Hampshire home. I’m on my second third fourth Old Fashioned (yeah I’m drinking Old Fashioned now, what about it) trying to make sense of these Red Sox. Let’s take a look at the timeframe.


September 20th: Indians beat the Phillies. Sox end up 80-73. Force a miss in the postseason.

September/October: John Henry keeps reporting an offseason focus being under the luxury tax. Even though Fenway sells out every game and John Henry is worth 2 Billion, 208m is the new magic number.


January 7th: Red Sox investigation begins because of some bullshit going on with a team that begins with ass.

January 13th: “Ass throw” team sets the standard of “ We don’t care if you did it or not. Goodbye” to their coaches. Putting pressure on the weak John Henry.

January 14th: John Henry tells Cora to leave, in order to save face with the fans it’s “parting ways”.

January 28th: Sox offer Mookie Betts 10 years, 300m contact. He counters with 12 years, 420m. Henry says no. Trades imminent.

February 4th: Mookie and Price are traded to LA.

I’m disappointed. Absolute break down in the offseason. There’s just an extreme lack of trust in Alex Cora, the coaching staff, and the players. Mr. Henry would rather line his pockets and jack up ticket prices in Fenway than pay the second-best position player in the MLB what he’s worth. Red Sox drafted him, let him grow, and now we have the reward. This isn’t a factory where we build up players and shop them around. This was a dynasty in the making. Mr. Henry threw it away.

Trust in your coaches, trust in your players, and give individuals their worth. 2020 is going to be a shell of a season. Will I still go to 10+ Sox games at Fenway this year? Yes. Will I still pay $13 a beer? Yup. But I won’t be happy about it. My light alcoholism pays John Henry’s salary and I want good players year after year. The last time we threw away someone this good was 1918. It took until 2004 to “Re-build”. Just something to think about.

Go Sox.

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