Potential NBA Trade Deadline Moves For Your Team

Sometimes I think my massive brain and knowledge about the game you all call basketball is a burden. I have to scroll Twitter every day and read about all of your bad takes. In a time of the year when everyone thinks they know more than everyone else I felt it was a great time to go over a few deals. I want to go over a few deals with various teams some being actual potential trades that might put a contender over the edge and others being just fun unlikely ones. You can decide which is which. I’m going to use trade machine to make sure the money works.

This is a Philly site after all so where else would a Boston guy start.

Every 76er fan I follow wants to trade Horford. I think first of all that is very unlikely, he simply makes too much money. I think it sets a horrible precident for incoming free agents and I have only heard one person (Coley on Mickstape) mention this. Horford is the biggest free agent signing this team has had maybe ever and for management to ship him off halfway through his first year isn’t a good look to other players no matter what way you look at it. Now with all of that being said I still found a trade that I think might make 76er fans happy. I don’t think this could or would happen but it gets Al off the books.

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Hear me out, the Suns get Russell and can pair him up with Booker just like Book wants. Golden State can get off of Russell while still, in theory, staying competitive once Steph and Klay comeback ANNNND Philly gets off of Horfords contract while getting a legit backup PG and Center. Have Thybull start and do whatever you want with Lecque, I threw him in to make the money work. Of course with all of these trades there is going to be picks that need to moved and I don’t have the time to figure all that out but Philly send this to Elton Brand I have solved your Horford problem.

Next I am going to do the Celtics because I’m a homer and I want to. I want to try and be realistic with this one so I’m not looking to move massive contracts or anything like that. With this team I think a backup center or a bench scorer is what will take them to the next level but we need to find that in someone that is cheap. Realistically the Celtics if they end up making any changes it will probably be in the buy out market but for now lets just pretend… I wasn’t able to find something that was realistic but that I also liked and this post is all about what I want so no deal. I was trying to find a way to get Burtans from the Wizards (who I doubt would move him) and Noel from the Thunder to come to the Celtics but that would require Kanter going back to OKC and that won’t happen.

Moving on.

Lets talk Lakers. It feels like a lock that Kuzma will be moved and there were rumors that teams were asking about Caruso earlier today. With Iguodala being traded to Miami and Covington being sent to Houston we are limited. Their biggest need is an upgrade at PG so lets find one for them. I think, like the Celtics, they will be buyers during the buyout market but a move now shouldn’t shock you.

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Rose has stated he wants to resign with the Pistons after this deal but that isn’t really up to him. Lakers want a new PG and are clearly okay with moving young players, Kuzma has been talked about a lot as of late for a trade piece and Cook is there for the money. If Detroit doesn’t want to play ball the Lakers have this option as well.

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This move is a bit of a stretch but hear me out. Morris is a big target for contenders right now and the Knicks should be shopping him. Kuzma is a nice young piece and Caruso is only 25 and the way he is loved on social media would be Linsanity all over again the first time he dunked at MSG. Green is there for the money and Trier going to LA helps with ball handling and depth since they’re shipping off two guards. Both of these trades for LA will make a big and immediate impact for a team who is ready to win now.

Last team we are going to look at are the Rockets. They just traded Capela and got RoCo but apparently are looking to get a Center from the Eastern conference and I know just the guy for them.

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To be honest this is probably a better deal for the Magic. I don’t know why the Rockets traded Capela just for them to come out the next day and say they want to trade for a a Center but if they want one that bad I can get them one. Wait.. there is one other Center that I think would be a perfect fit for Houston.

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Who says no???

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