Patrick Mahomes Is On A Bender For the Ages! First The Super Bowl Parade Then Shows Up To The Post Malone Concert Hammered


I’d kill to live out that reaction Pat Mahomes got from the fans when he walked into the arena. Patrick Mahomes is the King of Life right now! It’s got to be him, Jeff Bezos, or Andre Iguodala forcing his way out of Memphis and being gifted with spending the rest of his career in Miami. It’s still Pat Mahomes in a landslide. An MVP Award, Super Bowl Champ/MVP, broke the Madden Curse, and he has a MASSIVE contract coming his way that could be in the $40 million per year range – all at the age of 24. So what does he do? He rages absolutely out of his fucking mind. There is no one in this world who wouldn’t change lives with Patrick Mahomes right now. He spent all day at the Super Bowl parade chucking bombs from the floats.



Drinking a billion Coors Lights.

part mahomes



Feeding the Coors Lights he didn’t drink to Travis Kelce.



All the while playing hurt, because he obviously tried to drink around the world in Epcot on Monday.


So how does he follow that up? Well, Post Malone is in town. Might as well stumble your way into that concert. No chance Mahomes knows where the hell he is or raps a single word correctly tonight to any song. It’s just got to be an awesome feeling the biggest rapper in the world is wearing your jersey on stage.


post jersey




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