I Set The World Record For The 100 Meter Dash In Racewalking


The 4 Minute Mile, Usain Bolts 9.58 100 Meter Dash, and now 36.28; numbers synonymous with speed. Setting a World Record in the Racewalking 100 Meter Dash has been a dream of mine since Monday. Athletes spend their whole lives training to break records and be the absolute best. It takes a special breed to get up off the couch a day after the Super Bowl and smash a World Record.

I read an article that some NFL players were thinking about competing for a spot in the Olympics this summer. Well if any of them want to challenge a World Record holder then they know where to find me, at the intersection of Broad & Girard perfecting my craft. 

And before you cast judgement let it be known that Racewalking has been an Olympic sport since 1904. The world’s gladiators and greatest athletes alike compete for Gold every four years with 2020 in Tokyo being no different. 





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