Charles Barkley Calls the Sixers the Cleveland Browns of the NBA


Alright let’s get one thing out of the way. This is going to get played everywhere; on Twitter, on Instagram, hell someone might upload it to TikTok with some stupid dance I don’t understand. It’s going to be on WIP & 97.5 tomorrow while you’re driving to work, and the blog headlines are going to be nuts, because Chuck said the Sixers are the Cleveland Browns. All the headlines are going to make it seem like he was calling the Sixers organization and their history similar to the Cleveland Browns. In fact, he’s talking about them from a season vs. season aspect. Now that we got it out of the way let’s unpack this. 

Chuck’s not wrong at all. All this team heard during the off-season was how they were going to the NBA Finals and run through the East. It was the highest aspirations anyone in Philly has had for this team the whole decade. Hell I wrote a fucking blog before the season that the Sixers would have 3 All-Stars, that we were going to fall in love with this team, and that anything less than an NBA Finals appearance was a disappointing season. Fast forward to present day and the Sixers barely had 2 All-Stars voted in, I hate this team, and we’re clawing for home court advantage in the first round. Not to mention we still don’t know if Brett Brown can coach. They are exactly the 2019 Cleveland Browns.

The Browns win total was 8.5, they were picked to win the NFC North and make a run into the playoffs, Freddie Kitchens was some wunderkind no one had heard of before the previous season, and between Baker, OBJ, and Jarvis they talked enough shit for a whole season by the time training camp came around. 

This Sixers team could actually use a little more of that attitude the Browns had because like Ben Simmons said they’re soft. When your home/road splits are this glaring:


Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 9.03.53 PM


There’s nothing more to attribute then you aren’t prepared, your soft, and you’re uncomfortable at home. I don’t agree with Chuck on much, but this one you’re just a Homer if you don’t think he’s right. 


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