Andre Drummond Forgot The NBA Is Just A Business


Hot seat: Everyone in the NBA who thought they were friends with Andre Drummond. Turns out he doesn’t give a fuck about you.

I love the athletes who realize the multi-billion dollar league they play for is a business once something wrong happens to them. Listen this situation sucks, but if I’m Andre it wouldn’t take me 8 years to realize that the NBA is just a business and you’re only as good as your last game. It’s a ‘what have you done for me lately’ kind of league. If my job thought I was making too much money for the performance I was giving, or we had to re-org because the Q3 profits didn’t hit our targets I would understand if my head had to roll for the good of the company. It sucks, and I probably didn’t receive any heads up that they were firing me, but hey that’s life.

Plus, I know it sucks to uproot your life and move all the way to a more Southern Detroit because you got traded, but hey at least those checks are still clearing. Imagine being James Johnson. He leaves sunny Miami and the greatest party in the world and thinks he’s going to Memphis. Turns out he’s actually being re-routed and now he’s being traded to Minnesota and there is 30 inches of snow on the ground when he gets off the plane. James Johnson hasn’t seen snow in years!

I honestly don’t know what he’s mad about. Yes he’s going from one dumpster fire team to another dumpster fire team, but Cleveland’s dumpster fire on the surface seems containable. Cleveland’s fire is like when the busboy throws his cigarette into the dumpster on his break and he forgot he broke down boxes earlier. The fire in Detroit is a 5 alarmer caused by some old lady putting tin foil in the microwave, who lives on the 8th floor of a 16 story building, has 13 cats that need rescuing, and is out of control. Perk up Andre, it’s just business.


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