Video Of Demi Lovato Making It Rain On Strippers With Julian Edelman

Bobby Cotton

Demi making it rain like a pro. The old saying is dance like no one is watching. I say toss singles all over strippers like everyone is watching. A lot of Debbie Downers on twitter saying she shouldn’t be doing that and act like a lady and yada yada yada. Demi is a sex symbol. She is a goodness that just so happens to walk on the plant with us mortals. When you’re this smoking hot you have to do smoking hot things. Especially in Miami. How in the world is she supposed to just act like a catholic school girl when you’re in the east coast version of sin city. Not to mention Julian Edelman is hanging with you. That guy parties with the best of them.

Let me girl live her best life. Just a woman enjoying another woman’s company. Demi until I die!


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