There Was A God Damn Police Chase on the Chiefs Parade Route


LETS FUCKING GO KANSAS CITY, KANSAS! A fucking police chase right in the middle of the parade route?! That’s how you start off a Super Bowl parade. I’m almost jealous nobody in Philadelphia thought of this move in 2017. I could’ve used some excitement while waiting 2 hours to see the floats by the Art Museum while everyone was dick to ass with the person in front of them.

Police car chases are the best. They always feature a Toyota Camry or Ford F-150 dodging cars at 80 mph on a rural highway while seven cop cars are tailing it from behind.  Looks like we were dealing with a 2005 Ford Focus here. This guy took what Travis Kelce said to heart. You have to fight for your right to party! No chance these guys have been asleep since Super Bowl Sunday. They’ve just been pounding Rumplemintz and Jager Bombs with his boys celebrating the Chiefs win. Probably some meth sprinkled in – I just assume the entire Midwest is on meth. Talking about how many Super Bowls Pat Mahomes is going to win and how many steaks they think Andy Reid could put down in one sitting.

That pit maneuver was executed to perfection! If there’s one thing I know about police chases is I love a good pit maneuver. The only thing that comes before the pit maneuver is the police chase. When they release the dogs on the runaway suspect I’m praying for carnage. 

God Bless the Kansas City Police dept. because that one could’ve actually gotten real bad real quick as the drunk driver looked like he was heading for a crowd of people lined on the street.

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