Pete Rose Is Filing For Reinstatement. And The MLB Needs To Give It To Him


ESPN: Pete Rose asked commissioner Rob Manfred on Wednesday morning to remove his name from Major League Baseball’s ineligible list, which would allow the all-time hits leader to be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame.

In a petition sent to the MLB commissioner’s office and obtained by ESPN, Rose and his lawyers argue that Manfred has recently opted not to punish players guilty of major game-changing rules infractions and, as a result, should end Rose’s 30-½ year ban for gambling on baseball while he was manager of the Cincinnati Reds. The lawyers say that Rose’s lifetime ban is “vastly disproportionate” when compared to MLB’s punishments of players who took steroids and the players involved in the sign-stealing schemes by the 2017 Houston Astros.

“There cannot be one set of rules for Mr. Rose and another for everyone else,” Rose’s 20-page petition for reinstatement says. “No objective standard or categorization of the rules violations committed by Mr. Rose can distinguish his violations from those that have incurred substantially less severe penalties from Major League Baseball”

Pete’s lawyer is out here making a lot of sense. The king of hits deserves to be in the hall of fame way before this whole Astros thing even happened. He bet on baseball, yes. Everyone knows that but he bet on himself. He bet on his team to win. I don’t see anything wrong with that what so ever. Now during our interview with Lenny Dykstra he did mention Pete betting on some overs but I still have no issue. So the guy wants to score even more runs. What’s wrong with that?

I would honestly wish the current Sixers players would do this. I bet if Embiid had a couple stacks on each game he and the rest of the squad would show a little more enthusiasm. But I digress.

Get the guy reinstated. He’s one of the greatest players of all time and in comparison to what these Astros players did, he basically didn’t do anything wrong at all. The difference between putting money on the game because you feel like you’re going to beat the other team’s ass and using buzzers to let you know when an off speed pitch is coming is bananas. One is literally cheating the other team, the league and the sport as a whole. The other is just a guy that has so much confidence in himself and his team that he’s willing to put his game check on the line.

The MLB should embrace this. Do a tournament around the same time as the All-Star game. All the players participating have to throw 100K. Winning team takes all. Better than the whole, All-Star game decides home field advantage for the World Series.

Sports gambling is legal now in some states and will soon be everywhere. The fact that the MLB is refusing to let Pete Rose in hall over betting on himself is a joke. Do the right thing. Let the man in.

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