Is Peter The Worst Bachelor Of All Time?


If you’re reading this in the little preview of the blog I don’t want to give away the hook without getting the click but this should probably be enough. There’s not a chance in hell Peter is the worst Bachelor of all time. Not even close. Sure he is a huge pussy making terrible decisions but unless you are 14 years old or this is your first season watching you can’t possibly think this guy is worthy of the worst Bachelor of all time title.

The first candidate for WBOAT that comes to mind is Juan Pablo. Horrible idea from the beginning because people thought it was cute he barely spoke English. Turned out he was a narcissistic, emotionally unintelligent and slightly misogynistic douchebag, which is pretty much the job description for The Bachelor.  Didn’t even give out a Neil Lane ring at the end of it, just asked some poor soul to be his girlfriend. The ultimate fuckboy. All of his YouTube moments are him getting told off by extremely hot women. This was a biiiiig season for Girl Power.


Would be remiss to not mention oft forgotten Bachelor Chris Soules who is kind of a convicted murderer. Peter may be indecisive and did I mention a huge pussy but he hasn’t killed anyone that we know of, except for Hannah B’s vagina.

Some people only need one word to generate a visceral reaction: Arie. Do you fucking remember Arie??? I can’t believe we’re all still here watching this god awful show after they trotted out Arie as Bachelor and tried to make us like him.

Most people might not remember when we were getting Bachelor’s like Jesse Palmer and Charlie O’Connell. Going from that to Ben Flajnik’s hair is like going from filet mignon to ramen noodles.


A virgin Bachelor and a born again virgin Bachelor were never going to get the juices pumping for the ladies. If I’m competing with 25 other women for a guy his dick game better be worth it. Coincidentally the only 2 Bachelor couples still together…

Jake Pavelka mansplaining is nightmare fuel for the Bachelor community. Not a great Bachelor but at least he gave us one of the most iconic Bachelor moments in history. This performance deserved an Emmy.

Peter may be boring as fuck and definitely a huge pussy, but he’s not even on the Mount Rushmore of worst Bachelors of all time.


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