I’m In Love With Pod Guy From The Chiefs Parade

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Look at Pod Guy just playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers at the Chiefs Super Bowl parade. It’s 80 degrees in that pod while everyone’s freezing their asses off in sub-zero Kansas temperatures. You now how many farts you have to lay to get it up to 80 degrees in your pod? Pod Guy definitely had Chili night with his Pod Wife last night. That ass is working overtime right now.

He has a feature where he can tint the windows, right? That thing has to come with curtains. He had 9 hours to kill before the parade was starting. There’s no chance he was just watching Patrick Mahomes highlights on that phone. There was some Brandi Love or Lisa Ann queued up in there. Rub one out before the parade so you’re firing on all cylinders? I’m not mad at you Pod Guy you horny bastard.

I need Pod Guy on the Branded team! I need this dude to start Branded Kansas City. Strike on those merch sales while the iron is hot. We don’t have health insurance so I don’t know how you’re going to continue to pay for your broken leg, I’m assuming the cripple chair is yours, but life’s about taking risks.

P.S. This is the kind’ve entrepreneur we need at Branded just curating new ideas and to taking us to the next level.

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 11.30.00 AM

Can someone see if Devo needs a job too? We’re always looking to diversify our streams of income. Could you imagine Branded Sports’ logo on bags of weed over Philly? That’s how you market to the kids.




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