The WooderBoys Podcast: Super Bowl Recap, #WojBombSZN, & Gary Fucked Up


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We made it to Episode 10 which is monumental in the podcast game. Every little girl, boy, woman, man, species hopes to make it to double digits in the podcast game. Alright so this one got off the rails very quickly.

Kyle turned 27 on the day of the Super Bowl and hangovers are starting to hit different. The Super Bowl recap was mostly just us recapping things we remember throughout the game like the halftime show Ass-Off, the last 7 minutes of the game, Kyle Shanahan hate’s leads, and awkward post-game interviews. Also, Gary had an inside tip on the National Anthem under and did not share it with Kyle, which is grounds for murder. The under was +money. We then discuss the NBA Trade Deadline and #WojBombSZN and what the Sixers should do. The Top 5 was our dumbest one yet as we did a top-5 greatest Super Bowl logos. A visual top-5 for the listener was not our smartest move, but hey we get better everyday. We finish it off with some soccer talk, Cheer and Goop Lab on Netflix, buying wheelbarrows, and Gary’s impeccable knowledge about Mt. Everest, which Kyle thought was easy to climb. Like I said this one went off the rails. Rate, Like, Subscribe. Tell your friends and I promise you’ll learn at least a little something about wheelbarrows or Everest. Or both.


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