The Phillies Are Retiring Roy Halladay’s Number 34


How the hell has it been 10 years since Roy Halladay threw a Perfect Game for the Phillies? Cancel all of my plans for May 29th because I’m going to the Roy Halladay retirement ceremony. The Phillies have retired 6 numbers in the history of their organization including Schmidt (#20), Carlton (#32), Ashburn (#1), Roberts (#36), Jim Bunning (#14), and Jackie Robinson’s #42. Halladay will join this illustrious club as the 7th Phillie. I can’t wait to be eating a Schmitter in the 400 level while watching Doc’s number being retired which will definitely be emotional for one of the greatest pitchers in Phillie’s history.

Roy was a freaking hoss! He had over 600 strikeouts in 4 seasons with the Phils. Won a Cy Young and was a 2x All Star. I still can’t believe that 2011 Phillies team never won a championship.

Hearing Charlie Manuel say, “I’ll miss you, Roy.” at his Wall of Fame ceremony in that grandfather southern drawl hits me in the feels every time.



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