The Niners Had A Way Better Super Bowl After Party Than The Chiefs

As a Patriots fan, one of the biggest moments of excitement of the year is seeing who performed at the Super Bowl after party. Pretty sure we now own the rights to T-Pain for eternity and you know Meek’s gonna be there with his best friend Robert Kraft. Throw Flo Rida in because of Gronk and you get decades worth of memes of Tom Brady dancing to Dreams and Nightmares flashing his six rings.

Back to reality, I was interested in who was going to be performing at the Chiefs after party. Can’t really think of any big name performers that fuck with Clark Hunt. Seemed like a big moment for Travis Kelce to back up all that party boy talk. Didn’t see one Instagram story. Talks the talk but doesn’t seem to walk the walk. Gronk ALWAYS shows out for after parties. He knows that’s what the people want. Feels like there’s a huge amount of pressure on Kelce’s parade performance if he truly is trying to win the battle between him and George Kittle. Especially after his own brother’s parade performance. Can’t be the fight for your right to party guy if you aren’t going to party.

Hard for Kelce to party though if there is no party. From what I can gather Mr. 305 was saving all of his energy to celebrate with the Chiefs and the always pleasant on the ears Mahomes’ girlfriend headlining the event.

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 11.44.45 PM

I’m sure Paul Rudd and Eric Stonestreet were in attendance, but I think Snoop Dogg sat this one out. Worst case scenario looks like we could have got the Backstreet Boys to come through.

Turns out that’s because the hottest performers you would want at a Super Bowl after party were all booked by the 49ers. After losing the Super Bowl, the Niners had a Lil Wayne and Da Baby concert. Kyle Juszczyk had a fucking blast while Travis Kelce had a few vodka sodas and went to bed.

This looks fucking awesome. Losing the Super Bowl ain’t so bad. I hope Wes did so much molly.

You can hate on Kyle Shanahan’s coaching all you want, but this is the kinda guy you want to play for. Still working on how to score any points in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, but has enough street cred to convince a rich old guy to pay Lil Wayne and Da Baby to come to your concert instead of the Super Bowl winners. Apparently Shanahan named his child after Lil Wayne. Did the Chiefs even think to ask Da Baby to perform? Maybe a part of Tyreek Hill’s legal agreement to stay away from all babies.


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