Shaq Didn’t Know Ja Morant Had A Last Name


How about Shaq just assuming Ja Morant is a Brazilian soccer player. He’s just Jamorant following in the footsteps of Pele, Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho. The fact Shaq thought that was his name is the least surprising thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t come to Shaq for basketball analysis or breaking down the game with advance analytics. I watch him for the laughs, when he makes fun of Ernie, or when he threatens to beat up Chuck because they’re finally sick of each other come March. If I’m Ja Morant I’m going by one name for now on. What’s the one thing that matters more than world championships or accolades in 2020? Your brand. Ja’s gotta be starring in Gold Bond, The General Car Insurance, and Icy Hot commercials with Shaq by August. Hell Rosetta Stone I have a fool proof marketing opportunity for you. No one just calls him “Ja” he has one of those short names where the first and last name just roll right off the tongue.

Shaq saying, “What is he French?” had me cracking up. He was the number 2 pick in the draft only 8 months ago.

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