Julian Edelman Is Begging Brady To Comeback

Julian Edelman posted this picture on Twitter today just begging Brady to comeback to the Patriots for another year. After a lot of rumors about Tom and the kids moving to Texas or New York and him having meetings with the Titans, Jules has had enough! I love this from Edelman, Brady is busy making troll posts and Hulu ads while the rest of us don’t know if we have to watch this fucking Stidham kid play QB next year.

Honestly I think this post from Jules guarantees that Brady is coming back. Are you telling me Toms best friend on the team doesn’t know what his decision is? If you think this isn’t already decided you’re an idiot. No chance this post gets made without Jules knowing Brady is coming back, this isn’t a post from a fan this is a troll job but Bradys best friend.

Best case sceniario in my head for the Patriots. Brady comes back, trade up to draft Tua, load up on offense, win the Super Bowl and then Brady retires. If you A. don’t think that is best case I’ll throw rocks at you like Mark Wahlberg or B. think that is unlikely than you just don’t know anything about anything… and I’ll also throw rocks at you.

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